About Us

About us

In RC+Q we develop state of the art technologies for the best performance of the paper, water treatment and chemical industry and we innovate by manufacturing products with solutions for every day: safe and reliable. That’s what we believe in and that’s why we work tirelessly.

We are a multinational company in the chemical sector with a global presence.


100% Mexican company founded in 2004, with the vision of providing solutions to the specific needs of our clients. This, through technologies that allow them to achieve competitive processes in a global environment, always putting our commitment to the environment first.

In 2010, our Mexico / Querétaro plant was inaugurated, with a production capacity of 2,500 tons per month of different products, with the intention of offering higher quality and profitable products. All this together with the best service for our clients.

In 2011, we expanded our operations internationally, making our first exports to the Panamanian market for the expansion of the Panama Canal. With this, we begin a new stage in the history of the company, where year after year, more countries would continue to be added.

In 2015 RC+Q LATAM (Mexico-Ecuadorian) was founded, a sister company created with the objective of serving the Central and South American markets more directly, managing to offer our clients and prospects more profitable products and more extensive and direct service. In 2017 our plant in Guayaquil, Ecuador was inaugurated.

In 2019, due to obtaining a major project for the paper industry in northern Mexico, the decision was made to build our new plant in Monterrey, Nuevo León. This, with the objective of serving the northern part of the country as well as covering the market demand of the United States of America. This plant opened in May 2020.


Provide professional and timely attention in the supply, application and technical support services in industrial chemical processes under a quality system, constant innovation and with the speed of response that guarantees the total satisfaction of our clients.


To be the best option in the supply and application of chemical products in the national and international market of the chemical industry. With state of the art technology, integrated into a team of professionals with extensive experience, with the intention of meeting the needs and expectations of our clients, within a framework of responsibility, quality, efficiency, service and respect, always putting our commitment to the environment first.

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